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about Kathleen:


Date of Birth:April 18

Model from:Cripple Creek, CO Crivitz

Place you would love to visit:Uff, there are a lot! I would love to see the Victoria Falls or the Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro sometime soon though (:

Favorite things:Performance art, coloring, choreography, Nintendo 64

actinium wrote: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
paul33 wrote: I've met with Click Models in Atlanta, and while approved, I still feel I have a ways to go. I wish I lived closer to Atlanta (in that I could work with Click more often), or a larger city like NY, Miami, or LA, and build better teams. For now, I make connections and travel often, in order to hopefully find the right people to work with, each and every time.
taniab wrote: HER EYES <3
steve72 wrote: Note: Only the primary folder is actually meant to be my online port. The others, such as 90s Kodachrome is older work here for interest only.
brom wrote: 2nd Shoot : I had my 2nd shoot with Simon yesterday. I thought it went really well as I felt much more relaxed this time. I am more than pleased with the outcome of the shots. Simon has some great ideas and I look forward to doing a shoot on location. Thank you x
eli14 wrote: From the photog side I have several issues. First, the image quality is pretty poor, the lighting isn't hitting your eyes which combined with the squint is turning them into dark smears. The pose and expression just aren't showing us anything.
gary wrote: This is an expensive option. This means providing good, quality help to all threats, including those without insurance or money to pay for this help themselves.
nmmj wrote: The second photo shows movement, but looks a bit flat and the model's hair looks messy. You captured a good expression, though.
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