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about Norma:


Date of Birth:September 28

Model from:Andover, KS

Place you would love to visit:Brazil and Japan.

Favorite things:My friends and family are the best

bremen wrote: Candy Crib Calender 2011 Miss November
browncj wrote: New to MM.
edev wrote: - london studio (fashion, glamour, nude)
7117 wrote: When I was in Hong Kong a sixteen year old model was crying at a casting one day. Turns out her agency was trying to send her home because she had refused a job that paid the equivalent of 10,000 US dollars that involved her shaving her entire head (she had long beautiful hair down to the middle of her back). She wasn't wrong for refusing the way I see it. 10% of earnings go to Chinese government, 10% to her mother agent and 20% to her agency in HK. Leaving her with $6000. Her next stop was supposed to be in Singapore where her agency there had said that there was NO WAY she would work with a shaved head. So she'd have go back to her home country where she'd do what with a shaved head...? This is obviously a pretty extreme example because being open to changing your hair usually doesn't mean cutting it ALL off but honestly, $6000 is chump change if you think about how many months of work she would have lost having no hair and then having her hair be in some awkward in-between phase.
caryn wrote: All the Best,
belmar wrote: Great bloke, great day.
johns wrote: Top row: images 2 and 3 (2 because it's similar to 1, but not nearly as intriguing; 3 because whilst it shows your body other keeps in your port show it better)
kewl wrote: Would be honored if some of you pros would take a look at my port and page and let me know what I'm doing wrong/right.
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