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about Janet:


Date of Birth:April 21

Model from:Hermitage, TN

Place you would love to visit:Provence

Favorite things:Pilates, yoga, boxing and running. I love treating my body well. Besides that I love to travel, to cook and just to walk in the streets and observe things around me.

sbucklin wrote: she is realy tokyo girl,like,elene "which is vlada roslyakova" is the cute dollish look market…she has pottential in milan and newyork! she just needs to grow more
terrywilliam wrote: I'd center the banner material, avoid narrated biography altogether, move the testimonial beneath the bannered material, then list your opportunity propositions (for model, support crew), follow with the warning (about friends who aren't friends), and tie off with contact information.
belli wrote: Sharron
tvpw wrote: Superb model with a gorgeous look, works hard, and is also friendly with it.
chaffe wrote: The lines in the shot are distracting. Highlights blown
celeborn wrote: I don't know that I would agree about the different changes being suggested. This shows a tendency or pressure to conform to the status quo...that is...make it look like a "me too" kind of work. I would let it stand as is.
shirley1 wrote: More shots in nature or just more natural shots in general!
diego13 wrote: Hi, my name is Sarah. First and foremost my passion is Belly Dancing, after being interested in the art for quite some time, decided to try Modeling and Acting. Being new to the field would love to find some great photographers to help create a diverse portfolio.
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