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about Denise:


Date of Birth:June 22

Model from:Franklin Park

Place you would love to visit:Gold Coast, Australia

Favorite things:I love to draw and to paint. Making art is one of my favorite things to do.

marianne wrote: Mark
sheppard wrote: This one; the model's legs are cropped pretty much at the ankles making for an amateurish crop.
hd3r wrote: Will definitely be shooting with her again - the sooner the better!
boston wrote: Paul did my second shoot and he made me feel very comfortable. He was very friendly and we got some great shots! I would recomend working with Paul if you can! Thankyou for a great day!
guitar wrote: Thanks for a great shoot, Paradise may look like a moody mare on her profile pictures but any photographer would have to go a long way befor you found a more professional, patient and fun model to work with. Her catalogue of poses is endless and she moves between innocence and raunch with ease. Here's to the next time.
janet82 wrote: Samantha (first time ever attending an SM photoshoot)
heed wrote: I as going to pass on saying anything. But that doesn't really help either of us. You need a decent head shot. The four shots you have are all sexy, but the one closest to being a head shot is washed out. I know that this is an artistic expression, and I like the photo, but the contrast isn't there. Consequently, I really can't see you face or what you look like. Red couch photo: I didn't like your facial expression. The photo says, "Come hither", the expression says "you creep". Black and white version of red couch: I like the leg lines. It is a little dark but I still like the artistic expression. Standing in hallway: Pretty sexy shot.
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