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about Jessica:


Date of Birth:July 29

Model from:Kiev, Ukraine

Place you would love to visit:New York

Favorite things:Change, only change can make improvement.

kelli wrote: Just seen him in Purple Magazine! He looks INCREDIBLE.
robert wrote: Based on my look, what kind of themes could I do that would be really strong? What ideas do you have for me, specifically? I know a good model is flexible, but I also know that certain people are really strong in certain areas.
chunli wrote: Worked with Lex for the second time the other day, a lovely guy with much professionalism. From what I can remember the shoot was great lol, thank you for another fab ssession and I hope to work with you again sometime if you'll have me back :) xx ToniLou xx
rosemarie wrote: I was watching some of the Greek American Independence Day parade today, and I thought of the claim by some of our regular SB contributors that celebrations of one's ethnicity are racist and even un-American. I.e., that we should only celebrate our Americanness. Therefor, marching in an ethnic parade - Steuben Day, Puerto Rican Day, West Indian Day, and waving flags other than Old Glory, - is divisive.
jennifer72 wrote: He looks so young for 23!
sally38 wrote: I do have a very good sense of humour and will have a laugh on the photo shoot but also am professional about my work and always work to the best of my ability to produce some amazing images for me and the photographer.
gianniMitchell wrote: Love number 6 and 7, lots of contrast! You are off to a great start, just got my first SLR, last year, does it work? don't know yet, still trying to figure it out...
jeffrey wrote: Regards
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