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Date of Birth:May 14

Model from:Hunt Valley

Place you would love to visit:NY

Favorite things:My road bike, mountain bike, watch, and my pillow named Rene

chunli wrote: I worked with Roy F on a group shoot recently, he was a lovley guy full of good ideas & I enjoyed working with him :)
benjie wrote: Figures... I'll see what I can do to post it elsewhere and link it here. Thanks!
brandie wrote: and I think this one can go too, because the pose and the expression makes it look a bit like you're trying to fart (sorry, didn't know how else to put it )
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stefania1 wrote: New background and layers top create colors and scratches, smoke to gun, usual photo edits to original image, adjusted tone and curve
friends-520 wrote: Some jurisdictions, which value bank secrecy, have enshrined the concept in their constitution, or other laws from their national government.
kirby wrote: Stefano
ntck wrote: I never have a problem giving models large, hi-res, print ready images when appropriate, WITHOUT a watermark.
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