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about Christy:


Date of Birth:February 3

Model from:Whitehall Township

Place you would love to visit:Hong Kong

Favorite things:My iPad

jason67 wrote: Also what are some suggestions to give me more of an edge and depth to my pictures? I always have a story or an emotion i would like to convey yet it doesn't come through to the camera.
rosie wrote: Speaking generally, and not about your portfolio in particular, I would like to say this ...
tower wrote: [That is think what the camera can see as you pose]
account wrote: Bridal Devon wedding Show
bjl wrote: I now have written Quals to match the prior work experience I have...
jason wrote: Well said, and funny and accurate! There are some who will indeed chase you around with a series of nonsensical comments followed by a series of absurd questions followed by a series of attempt at insult.
hemming wrote: Ramp1 MM 366250
carrie-123 wrote: Where I would throw in my 2 cents (and not a critique but a thought only) is when you mention music, there is a tendency in heavily styled photos to miss the personality of the model or artist. I see beautifully styled photos but not the kind of personality that I would need to see in a celebrity shot. The Male Japanese model is great for that. The rest is editorial but not personality driven, and it need not be by the way.
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