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about Karen:


Date of Birth:November 29

Model from:Mountain Home, AR

Place you would love to visit:Greece! I've wanted to go ever since I saw Mamma Mia :D

Favorite things:Black coffee, Olivier Rizzo's styling, music, early mornings, making clothes, literature, QI, visiting new places.

charlene wrote: It doesn't mean causation that increased gun ownership caused this theoretical downturn. What if embezzlements were down as well? Choose your statistic. Does it necessarily correlate to gun ownership?
hildy wrote: I had a very enjoyable shoot with Graham today at Saracen House in Milton Keynes - we planned it some months back and it was great to finally meet! Graham is a very much a gentleman and very considerate, and great at communicating pre-shoot and coming up with a plan of action! He has a clear idea of what he wants to achieve from the shoot which really helps the flow. We had a good balance of planned ideas and natural flow and I'm sure we could easily fill a whole other shoot with more! Graham was even kind enough to buy me lunch and drive me back to my home town after the shoot from Milton Keynes. He's very easy to get on with (and he has good taste in reading!) and is a generally all round nice chap. I highly recommend Graham and look forward to shooting with him again :-)
berno wrote: thanks again Kamila
nadia21 wrote: - Elegance & Simplicity
rock55 wrote: Non-nude glam is a really limited market.
jack55 wrote: there is a wide market for fetish in general, and foot fetish is huge within that realm. There's nothing wrong with it, but call a spade a spade.
homeboy wrote: Had another shoot with James this afternoon, and again he was lovely to work with. He also broke out the old ringflash for me :D Can't wait to see the images. i'm hoping to be working with him again soon so models grab a shoot with him before i do.
witt wrote: M?? ?????? ?????! ????? ???? ?????????
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